Meet the Artist

Robert St. Croix

Creating sculpture for nearly 40 years, American sculptor, Robert St. Croix, invites you to take a kaleidoscopic journey into his world of Realistic, Contemporary, Monumental, Suggestive, Sensual, and Unforgetable Sculpture.

About Robert St. Croix

Above: Robert St Croix and his wife, Biba St Croix, owner of Gallery Biba in Palm Beach, posing with “Blue Period”.

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Robert St. Croix’s career as an artist began in the early 1970’s in San Francisco, where he gained a reputation for metal wall and table designs made of copper and brass. He also became very well known for his innovative water sculptures in copper, driftwood and bronze. In 1974, he opened an “Arts and Crafts” gallery at Bodega Bay in Northern California. He also began showing water and metal sculptures in the San Francisco area. In 1976, he moved to Lake Tahoe, Nevada and opened a sculpture studio and art gallery, allowing him the freedom to create increasingly complex metal sculptures, such as life sized figures, mobiles, and small figurative bronzes.

Perfecting his craft, Robert moved to Hawaii in 1978 and enrolled in University of Hawaii to learn art foundry practices and techniques. There he began to gain wider recognition, showing sculptures in prestigious spaces such as Gallery Hawaii and Center Art Galleries. Moving back to the United States mainland in 1983, Robert began producing limited edition bronzes and showing sculptures at Art Expo New York and Art Expo Los Angeles.

St. Croix’s most recent move was in 1990, to West Palm Beach, Florida. There, he established a reputation for creating life-size figurative bronzes. In 1998, he began a series of life-size, limited-edition bronzes, “Homage to the Masters,” which are drawn from paintings and works on paper by contemporary masters, which he then casts into three-dimensional bronzes. He is known for pioneering new techniques of patination, including the application of automotive lacquers to bronze sculptures. His gallery showings have expanded into some of the nations finest art spaces, and his commissioned works are now exhibited in collections in Europe, North America and Latin America.


Wayne State University,
Eastern Michigan University,
University of Hawaii

Robert St Croix and his works in press...

KidSanctuary, 2015
‘Love of art’ forges sculptor Robert St. Croix to wife Biba, gallery owner, Palm Beach Daily News, 2010
An Anonymous Donor Helps Make a Church Whole, New York Times, 2006
Spring is official: The Morristown fountain is flowing again,, 2010

… and TV

Modern Masters (TV Production) HGTV, May 2001
Modern Masters (TV Production) HGTV, October 2000

Exhibitions & Collections

Selected Exhibitions

1972   Burnner’s Gallery, Santa Rosa, California
1973   Bay Gallery, Bodega Bay, California
1974   Barbaritas Gallery, Sausalito, California
1975   Shelby Gallery, Sausalito, California
1977   Design Concern Gallery, Incline Village, Nevada
1978   Lake Gallery, Tahoe City, California
The Studio, Tahoe City, California
Miller Gallery (Bowles-Hopkins), San Francisco, California
1979   Center Art Gallery, Honolulu, Hawaii
Gallery Hawaii, Waikiki, Hawaii
1981   Great Hall Gallery, Hyatt Regency, Waikiki, Hawaii
1982   The Gallery, Hyatt Regency, Maui, Hawaii
1983   Don Conard Gallery, San Francisco, California
1984   Angel International, Beverly Hills, California
1985   Timberline Gallery, Lake Tahoe, California
1986   Los Angeles Art Expo, Los Angeles, California
1987   Venice Art Gallery, Boca Raton, Florida
New York Art Expo, New york, New York
1988   The Gallery Connection, Beverly Hills, California
Los Angeles Art Expo, Los Angeles, California
Mayhew Gallery, Mendocino, California
Tate Gallery, San Francisco, California
1989   St. Croix Gallery, Sausalito, California
1990   Southwest Gallery, Dallas, Texas
1991   Great Southern Gallery, Key West, Florida
1993   Eugenia Palacios Gallery, Palm Beach, Florida
1994   Royal Palm Gallery, Palm Beach, Florida
1996   Russeck Gallery, Palm Beach, Florida
Richard Danskin Gallery, Palm Beach, Florida
1997   Art Americas, Miami Beach, Florida
1998   Arij Gasiunasen Gallery, Palm Beach, Florida (through 2004)
1999   Beverly Hills Art Fair, Beverly Hills, California
Russeck Gallery, Las Vegas, Nevada
Postcard from Paradise (TV Production), NBC News
2000   Russeck Gallery, New York
Modern Masters (TV Production), HGTV, October Show
2001   Elizabeth Edwards Fine Art, Laguna Beach, California
Elizabeth Edwards Fine Art, Palm Desert, California
Russeck Gallery, San Francisco, California
2002   Miami Art Expo, Miami, Florida
2003   Art Santa Fe, Santa Fe, New Mexico
SOFA, New York, New York
SOFA, Chicago, Illinois
Art Form, Palm Beach, Florida
Art Chicago, Chicago, Illinois
2004   Art Miami, Miami, Florida
Festival of the Arts, West Palm Beach, Florida
SOFA, Chicago, Illinois
2005   Art Miami
2006   Art Miami, Art Palm Beach
2007 – 2014   Art Palm Beach
2015 – Red Dot, Art Basel

Selected Collections

Green’s Park, Morristown, New Jersey
Chamberlain & Stuart, New York, New York
Vintage Capital Group, Los Angeles, California
Brook Street Security Corporation, Boca Raton, Florida
Carnival Cruise Lines, Miami, Florida
Syntas, Cincinnatti, Ohio Mount’s Botanical Garden, West Palm Beach, Florida
Hilton Hotel, Staten Island, New York
Atkins Nutritionals, Denver, Colorado
California Art Council, Sacramento, California
Nicotra Group, Staten Island, New York
The Fenton Memorial Garden, Fenton, Michigan
Art in Public Places, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
Regal Cinema Plaza, Wellington, Florida
Proman AG, Wollerau, Switzerland
Bjarne Rieber Gruppen, Bergen, Norway
Castle Real Estate, Ltd., London, England
Friheden Invest, Horsholm, Denmark
High Chemical Company, Levittown, Pennsylvania
Residential Properites, Providence, Rhode Island
Love Realty, White Plains, New York
Love Realty, New York, New York
Hobson Law, Boca Raton, Florida
ABC Chemical Corporation, Houston, Texas
HoMedics, Pontiac, Michigan
Nelson Ventures, Birmingham, Michigan
Barry Kaye Associates, New York, New York
Benjamin School, North Palm Beach, Florida
Saint John Newman Parish, Miami, Florida
Saint Joan of Arc Church, Boca Raton, Florida
Saint Justin Church, Key Largo, Florida
Saint Leo Church, Naples, Florida