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Silver SpoonAppleBananawayne-huizengaWindswept4NAF-0013NAF-SOT120108His PlaceNAF-ST100501 (New Age Flower)JesterGiant Spider LilyBananasBox of Fruit3 Cherries on a PlatterMarthaYo Picasso, see also: VincentPatriot's FarewellCorpusMother's AngelThe ImmigrantsMermaid FountainMagic TouchSam the PostmanGiant Prima Flora, see also: Grande TulipBlue Period
Robert St Croix | Contemporary Bronze Sculpture | South Florida

Creating sculpture for nearly 40 years
American sculptor, Robert St. Croix, invites
you to take a kaleidoscopic journey into
his world of Bronze Sculpture.

— from ultra realism (Martha, 2006), to the abstract (Wind Dancer, 2003), to monumental (Patriots Farewell, Morristown, New Jersey 2003), to religious (Corpus, 2006 and Mom's Angel, 2002), to historical sculpture (The Immigrants, 2006), to water sculpture (see Mermaid, 2001 and Magic Touch, 1997), to commissioned sculpture (Sam the Postman, 2003, and Coral Reef, 1998) and to unique flowers images (Giant Prima Flora, 2006.

To see more, visit the Gallery and take a voyage into the world of Robert St. Croix... Realistic, Contemporary, Monumental, Suggestive, Sensual, and Unforgetable.
Come, take the journey ......


PRESS KIT: Download hi-res photos of the newest sculptures.